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  • shaft0

    Overpopulation is one of the most bizarre, even dangerous urban myths of the modern west.

    In fact, the opposite is happening, birthrates in the west have dropped dramatically. The head count only increases in the third wolrld, western civilisation is checking out.

    Elon Musk compares this demographic implosion to the black plague, saying the black plague population wipe was nowhere near current slump.

    • How many people does the world need though? If you look historically, the population of Europe is almost twice what it was a century ago, and several timesyuekit
    • what it was a few centuries ago. So when you take the long view a small correction isn't necessarily so alarming.yuekit
    • it's wealth. once a population gets rich, it stops making more than 2 kids per family.
      we witnessed this the last 20years with the growth in china and india.
    • the growth in pop. in afrika will increase in the next 20-30 till a healthy economy is reached...by then world pop. will peak at 11 billions and no more.uan
    • i recall that from a TED hans rosling presentation that dates from 11 years ago.uan
    • ^he's dead now. -1 pop.PeterPancake
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    * i thought Georges was back *
    he created that thread!

  • Bennn2

    Its very simple math, the ressources are limited on Earth, so the more people, the more ressources we need. So yeah overpopulation is a problem.

    People on Easter Island all go extinct because they took all the ressources of the island. Its the Earth on a smaller scale.

    • to be fair, they didn't have our tech, imagine a cargo drone filled with timber every week, so they can make that nice bbq party and dance the Moais again.uan
    • Easter Islanders must have known they were doomed if they cut all the trees down, but they still did it. I doubt we'll be any different.PhanLo
    • Recycling and 3D printing will save us.zarkonite
    • Bullshit. We can science the fuck out of everything. You’re just Bennsplaing again!Ianbolton
    • There are more trees in the northern hemisphere than there was 100 years ago. Explain that?Ianbolton
    • eastern islander went extinct, less predators around for trees to grow in population. but, I can't figure out the northern vs south hemisphere part of it.uan
    • Think it’s down to the fact we don’t burn wood anymore, we moved on to beautiful black coal!Ianbolton
  • imbecile0

    as long as greed, consumerism, and capitalism remain prevalent in our current society, we will all die before we learn our lesson.

    • Bullshit, "Overpopulation Myth" makes us believe we are running out of stuff to send billions to the UN and Carbon Tax fake a roo...robotron3k
    • it's not about overpopulation, we will create air we can't breathe and water we can't drink far worse than we have now before it gets betterimbecile
    • this is simply because of the selfish nature of humans. people who say we live better lives now, creating new diseases while avoiding old ones remain oblivious.imbecile
    • but hey, as long as you've got coffee in your cup and gas in your car, everything must be okay, right? oblivious.imbecile
    • it's what we maybe needed to do to survive and expand...instead of killing us off now we can imagine a commerce that can sustain and even expand humans.uan
    • its rare but I agree with imbecile
    • damnit bennn, where will this leave our fabricated rivalry!? :Dimbecile
    • :P heheBennn
  • Krassy0

    1960 = 119 million
    2015 = 144 million
    17% population growth

    1960 = 52 million
    2015 = 65 million
    20% population growth

    1960 = 180 million
    2015 = 320 million
    44% population growth

    1960 = 667 million
    2015 = 1.4 billion
    52% population growth

    1960 = 72 million
    2015 = 205 million
    65% population growth

    1960 = 449 million
    2015 = 1.3 billion
    66% population growth

    1960 = 38 million
    2015 = 129 million
    70% population growth

    • https://www.google.c…PeterPancake
    • It can only be more. The more humanz equal the more humanz. Unless a massive extinction..Bennn
    • 1 humanz creating 5 baby humanz means a possibility of 25 more humanz, for example. 1:25 is one hell of a ratio. 25:625 / 15,625Bennn
    • #Bennnsplaining ! LOL!!Krassy
  • monoboy0

    We have our top minds working on it...

  • GeorgesII0

    tell me again I'm wrong,

  • GeorgesIV0

    Your plan is ok at best drugs,
    even a 5yo could come up with it

    F for Effort...

  • youngdesigner0

    The true solution:

  • set-1

    How about we all just agree to kill everyone who doesn't agree with my opinions

  • drgs1

    My proposed scheme is as follows:
    People climb aboard a shiny white cruise liner, they pass sunbathing cots and walk into clean superficially wellgroomed resort facilities. Then by groups people take the elevator downstairs. The elevator accelerates, and near the bottom without stopping, floor opens itself and everyone falls at high speed into a pool of water. Top grille closes immediately, so no one can get to the surface. During the short fall nobody can even make a scream. People silently drown. By this time the elevator floor closes and the elevator goes upstairs for the next batch of passengers.

    People who are still alive are shoved sideways by a special grate through the water pipes, freeing up space for more visitors of the floating concentration camp.

    After ten minutes (to be sure) fresh corpses can be unloaded. Clothing, jewelry, metal teeth and other things are removed, together with bags and whatever they have with them. The bodies are transported into a giant meat grinder, whose diameter is large enough to fit a whole person.

    Initially, my plan was that people would be locked in a compartment in the end of a corridor, the floor beneath them opens and they immediately fall into several operating meat grinders. There are drawbacks to this plan: First, you need several meat grinders with conveyor belts, and working ones (maintanence), which is expensive. Secondly, the corridor will smell blood. Thirdly, people can manage to scream and be heard. Corpses of course do not manage to free themselves from clothes and things, so we need to send people into the corridor already naked. This complicates the scheme.

    Anyhow, the meat grinder cuts people into relatively large chunks of meat (for self-sealing). BLood is drained into a separate container. Meat is then passed to a bioreactor, which produces organic fuel, which nourishes engine parts, grinders and other mechanisms. Thus, the system is very economical, incomparable with the old skool concentration camps, in which people were wastefully burned.

    Human flesh can be used in other ways. For example to make sausage (with the right sorts of seasonings to make it difficult to tell what kind of sausage it is). Sausages can be distributed as humanitarian aid, and even for enticing new people to the concentration camps (3rd world). In the last instance you can feed it to the fish, do all sorts of nutritional supplements and animal food.

    How many people can fit in such a floating concentration camp? As with all volume problems, I approach it by weight. Lets be modest -- 20 000 tons, which corresponds to approx 200 000 people. For people from poor countries maybe even 300 000.

    A number of these will be processed already at the port. The remains can be drained a few kilometres from the coast. First blood, then other liquid remains. Then start dumping larger chunks. If a few hundred kilometers from the shores some ship detects floating pieces of human fesh, you have a diplomatic scandal. No good. Alternatively, residues can be pressed into cubes, dehydrated and heavy they will immediatelysink to the bottom, without attracting attention.

    How to discreetly develop such sea crafts and put it into series production? At least production of giant meat grinders can be given under the pretext of emergency elimination of pigs infected with swine flu. The pig grinders correspond approximately to human sizes, and can be configured afterwards.

    Loading speed. Averaging batch sizes over time gives approx one person per second. At night you will be able to process about 100 000 people. For two-three days it is possible to load the ship fully, with one extra day of "sailing". In total of 4 days one ship can handle about 200 000 people, or 50 000 people per day. This is an order of magnitude faster than the German concentration camps, because of the proximity of objectives.

    A fleet of 20 such ships is able to handle up to 1 000 000 people per day. If all 20 ships are standing in the dock, without worrying about disguise, the processing speed can be raised to 2 million people per day. To process half of the population of Africa will take less than a year. (More than half the population process is unlikely because of guerrilla resistance etc -- they need to destroyed by conventional warfare, a part of them will die from hunger anyway).

    Open questions for discussion: Lights and video cameras in the drowning tanks - yay or nay (drowning passengers would be watching their drowning neighbors). Who will be removing clothes from the corpes? Also, problems with air locks, stuck body parts in water pipes etc. All of this must be controlled.

    • I am speechless.makeitnice
    • *cancels cruise holidayFax_Benson
    • Callous sociopath shit aside, drowning is one of the werst ways to go. Even the most fucked up scenarios of recent past have been more humane than thatgilgamush
    • *worstgilgamush
    • hitler gonna hitlerdocpoz
  • i_monk0

    Overpopulation isn't a problem, distribution of resources is. We throw out enough fresh food to feed every hungry person in the world, but they don't live where the food is, and greedy capitalists would rather throw out food than give it away.

    • The population of Sudan hast multiplied by 25 in the last 100 years. It IS a problem. Africa multiplied by 3 after the feed the world concerts.coldarchon
    • source please, I would love to read how you correlate a concert to feeding the population of an entire continentGeorgesIV
    • I dont imply a correlation, just the bigotry. Oh and here: https://en.wikipedia…coldarchon
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    Say goodbye to my little friends in central america

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    seems to be a slight variation on:



  • Fax_Benson0

    You need all heights represented.

    Divided by one inch increments, each height group should self-select who survives the cull.

    • that's stupid,
      lets just neuter the small..
  • monoboy0

    Is this what you want GeorgesIV...

  • sarahfailin0

    This thread made me LOL.
    I'd rather see us bred into a race of genius pygmies than a bunch of towering, lanky giants.

    plus, tall women? ehh...

    • Oh, hold on there, son. Tall women are awesome.Continuity
    • Not if you're a short arse like me they're not. Went out with a lovely Scottish/ Finnish girl years ago who was a good head taller than I. ...detritus
    • ... I always felt like some sort of pitied handicap chap, walking hand in hand with her through town.detritus
    • detritus, do you now understand why you should be neutered... this is for the SURVIVAL of the HUMAN RACEGeorgesIV
    • I was just about to say that you're falling afoul of Georges's new order, detritus.

      This isn't good, mate!
    • I went out with a girl taller than me once. Spooning was a bitch. Either I put my crotch next to her arse or our heads together. Couldnae do both ya seeset
    • Then there would have been only one thing for it: surprise buttsecks.Continuity
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    And the winner for most downvotes in 1 thread goes to GeorgesXIIIVCMIV - powernause to the stars.

  • GeorgesIV-13

    oooh yeah you can't...

    guess who's going to be the next pres


    • rubio look a little chubby in this. and carly has some nice hips. just saying...zenmasterfoo