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    I don't like Corbyn and what he represents but after the election I thought I should give him some time to see if some of the optimism he's undoubtedly generated would rub off on me. That last a couple of days.

    Look at their behaviour since the tower block tragedy. McDonnell said he wants 1m people out on the streets to force May out of office. Less than a week after she won a democratic election. Less than 2 days after the tower block tragedy. And he called on unions to make it happen. Unions that they control - not for the people that need them but for the Left elite. They're calling for people's property to be requisitioned to house those made homeless. Even though the gvnmt has already said people will be re-homed. Even though it would take too long and cost too much and be a legal minefield.

    How does forcing a wealthy person to give up a property solve any of the issues? (And guess which kind of wealthy peoples' homes they mean - it isn't Len Mcluskey's penthouse or John Lansman's property portfolio). It sounds good, though. It resonates. So they say it anyway, even though they know it won't work. It's almost as if it's a stunt to deliberately stoke resentment between people in the same borough. It's dangerous. McDonnell wants societal collapse + class war because it's the ideal ground on which to indoctrinate people to the left. He's said as much.

    They're using the poor as a weapon to start a class war. That's their aim.This isn't new and fair politics. It's actually dangerous. It's going to be scorching hot in London this weekend. And inner-London boroughs are angry. There's no government. And the hard left want to stoke things up.

    • London Riots 2.0 this weekend?detritus
    • May's not doing much better either ...Bluejam
    • http://www.independe…Bluejam
    • Except they are doing this for the good of the people, not the rich elite.Chimp
    • +1 bluejamset
    • he can taste power, and wants to get there at any cost. exploit the dispossessed as cannon-fodder - and the images of them being beaten down will fuel the firehans_glib
    • @det: i think it's 3.0, or maybe even 4?hans_glib
    • and i still can't believe that May failed to spend any time with the community when she visited the scene ..."Forward together?"…
    • forget the semantics of what he said. He knows how that will be interpreted.Fax_Benson
    • She didn't "win" enough to be in power.microkorg
    • oh come on - you sound like the BBC. Read between the lines a little.fadein11
    • It's not their aim at all - you are being mega cynical. It's about a fairer society - whether that works or not is another matter. Study his career - it's neverfadein11
    • been about personal gain. And he is 'accidentally' the Labour leader and potential PM - he never wanted it. It was simply his turn to represent the left of thefadein11
    • party as all others had had their chance and failed. I am not a huge fan of him for a number of reasons but not what you mention here.fadein11
    • lol @ class war. It's about fairer distrubution of wealth and an end to austerity which has totally failed.fadein11
    • sorry fadein but I genuinely think that it's you who needs to look a little deeper. not intending to troll or patronise - we've both been thereFax_Benson
    • I have dug deeper - I wasn't a fan at all - he has grown on me. His career is proof. Never swayed on principles, never been for personal gain. My issue is thatfadein11
    • hard left never sway on principles. that's the problem. it's dogma. and because it's 'left' it's righteous.Fax_Benson
    • ...breaking down the existing econimic/elite power structures will be way harder than preaching to the already converted at a rally. It all seems too good to befadein11
    • true and prob will be. But that manifesto was a good manifesto and I do think he is genuine. His track record and the fact he never sought the attention/powerfadein11
    • in the 1st place are v.good signs. At worst we now have a strong opposition who are v.different to those in power - which is healthy.fadein11
    • You don't seem to like the left or the right - are you on the fence or a neoliberal. Confused.fadein11
    • I'm instinctively left but sick of it.Fax_Benson
    • Same and I am not trying to troll either I just don't understand why you think it is an attempt at a far left takeover of UK. It's all quite moderate.fadein11
    • I to have concerns about a militant left-wing causing a backlash. But we are already living in a class war. What happened this week lays it out bare.monoboy
    • Also, did they actually say they would 'repatriate' the empty homes of rich folks for poor folks? Or 'could'? Or at all?monoboy
    • The BBC have turned on May, her party already have. Sending out Leadsome to face the cameras. CCHQ are in GE campaign mode again already.monoboy
    • Troubling times. I long for common sense but get the feeling this is going to kick-off badly. If Labour get left holding the Brexit baby, I hope to god they...monoboy
    • find a way to turn opinion against it. Otherwise, they'll end up carrying the can for the shit storm on the way. High interest rates, low-wage, business exodus.monoboy
    • yepfadein11
  • monoboy5

    Boris on the move already...

  • Bluejam2

    • sums it up!mugwart
    • 11. Make a killingmonoboy
    • 12. Visit Mar-a-Lagomonospaced
    • 13. Enslave human populace
      14. Remove water from entire planet
      15. Use human populace as food
    • @face_melter that is until Robert Englund joins up with Michael Ironside and the resistanceGM278
    • You guys are brainwashed idiots.Hayoth
    • What does that make you then?monospaced
    • oh the ironymoldero
    • Found any more Reds under your bed, Hayoth? Or maybe go to the skatepark to spot some RADICAL Islamists.face_melter
    • GM278 knows what's up.face_melter
    • how many of your friends were raped by immigrants this week, Hayoth?monospaced
  • Fax_Benson0

    And that fucking hat he sometimes wears. You don't drive a steam train.

    • lolBluejam
    • hahah, was away and didn't shave for a fortnight... just got back and a fella shouted corbyn at me in the street. I like him but come on i'm thirty fucking fivekingsteven
    • was pretty much rocking corbyn's beard and may's hair FFS. she's killed the bowl cut. and your right about the hat, mods are the real losers of the campaignkingsteven
    • lol @ 'killed the bowl cut'.Fax_Benson
    • Personality politics 2017set
    • I vote on who wears the best head gear.Chimp
    • Toss it in the Cor-binyuekit
    • Lol chimpset
    • oh come on, he's allowed a sartorial quip after a page of genuine criticism, which you're free to agree or disagree with otherwise. The hat, otoh, no.detritus
    • if it's personality politics I don't see Corbyn winning an election anytime soon. He is the antithesis of the slick media friendly politician. But surprisinglyfadein11
    • did far better than the competition in that dept over the election. a big surprise.fadein11
  • teh2

    • a+colin_s
    • The UK is so fucked! If you guys bring in more economic migrants and Syrian mercenaries, you help solve your problems.robotron3k
    • the UK is one of the wealthiest, safest and most beautiful countries on the planet. it has some of the best art, music and people. its politics is fucked butlowimpakt
    • whose isn't, eh?lowimpakt
    • @robo - we have let a tiny number of Syrian refugees into the country - a shameful amount. So do some research before commenting please.fadein11
    • He said mercenaries, not refugees.
      You want more mercenaries?
    • yeah that's what I want detritus, spot on pal.fadein11
    • Oh, it was my mistake was it?
      How silly of me!
    • last 2 mins = everything that's wrong with the left.Fax_Benson
    • you got the point, move along.fadein11
  • monoboy1

    Scenario time...

    1. Tories scrape in due to a youth vote no show. Lots of derision. May gets knifed in the back. Boris takes over. Hard brexit. We are totally fucked. Unless you're loaded. Left-wing activists cause civil unrest.

    2. Hung parliament. Tories get knocked back by everyone. We get a progressive alliance between SNP and Labour. No brexit. Toryland goes batshit crazy, calls for English independence. The lot. Right-wing nutters cause civil unrest.

    3. Labour landslide. A big fuck you to the smug old cunts. Cue mass hysteria. Corbyn thinks he's Jesus until big business starts fucking off to the continent en masse thanks to Brexit. Right-wing nutters cause civil unrest.

    IE. Damned if you do, damned if you don't.

    But scenario 3 totally worth it to see the smile wiped off these ignorant, smug, nationalist pricks. They'd lose their shit completely.

    • Isn't a Tory landslide much more likely than a Labour one? Some polls still have them 12 points ahead.yuekit
    • Boris as PM. Like giving a foul-mouthed child a box of matches in a fireworks factory.face_melter
    • Yup, but others have them just at 1 point. Hard to tell. I think scenario one is the most likely.monoboy
    • I agree with all of this - shame number 3 is so unlikely. And yes even if he won the shitstorm to follow would be nearly as bad. No win situ.fadein11
    • reality:
      a government is elected. some people moan. everyone carries on. the usual muddle. it's the British Way
    • Normally yes but not this time I think. Simply because of the uncertainty around Brexit. It's a poisoned chalice.monoboy
    • Alas @hans_glib it is v.different this timefadein11
    • You're Scottish aren't you, monoboy?
      If so — did you vote for independence in the referendum?
    • No it's not, it's the same shower of cuntery revolving around the ever-so occasionally minimally-divergent middle. The more things change...detritus
    • Yup. I voted yes. Simply because I felt it was in the best interests of Scotland to leave a Conservative dominated Westminster behind.monoboy
    • If we had a more social democratic party in charge, I'd have voted no to independence. (I'm actually English but have lived in Scotland for years).monoboy
    • Christ, you're about as muddled-up as I am, then. Can you perhaps concede that 'many' people in England voted Leave for non- cartoon-Nationalism reasons?detritus
    • Perhaps ill-advisedly, but not necessarily 'nationalistically'? I just think it's unfair to lump all in disagreement as 'ignorant, smug nationalist pricks'detritus
    • Absolutely. But the backdrop is mostly xenophobic amongst the older voter. I dislike nationalism but would vote yes for Scottish independence.monoboy
    • For me, it's all about having a socially progressive outlook. Brexit was a reaction against that imo. Harking back to a bygone era that never existed.monoboy
    • I do know some Tory progressives. But they tend to blame those that don't 'succeed in life' for being lazy. Forgetting, the privilege that brought them theirs.monoboy
    • indeed.fadein11
    • The Tory scum will probably scrape by due to the amount of brain dead people in the UK.Chimp
    • yep - told who to vote for by newspapers. hilarious.fadein11

    Get out there guys and let Corbyn to sort this mess out.

    • lololol
      with diane the well-briefed
    • whilst i'm not convinced on 'numbers' Abbott she has, thankfully, stepped down due to illness ...Bluejam
    • hans_glib ... you're ...not ...
    • so because i have no time for corbyn, that makes me a tory? ffs.
      corbyn's an arse - a left wing version of trump. he couldn't sort out shit.
    • let's be honest, they're all a pile of shite: self serving, expedient, visionless numptieshans_glib
    • https://media.giphy.…
      ... was taking the piss
    • i mean, look at that greg knight vid a few posts down. christ on a bike...hans_glib
    • however your comparison with Corbyn and Trump is way off ...
    • Why is Corbyn an arse? Because he actually has some good, fair policies?Ianbolton
    • Look. You have to be a realist. They are all CUNTS. Just this time one is a lot less of a cunt than the other. Give Labs another shot.HAYZ1LLLA
    • The entire political system is corrupt. If you believe voting in one man within that system is really going to fix anything then you're living in the cloudsset
    • ..and you've bought the theatre show.set
    • Ah, so don't for any of them? I agree voting for a personality is the most ridiculous thing is this modern world of politics. Vote for me, I'm nice.Ianbolton
    • The entire political system is bollox. Most would agree. But it's all we have right now comrade!HAYZ1LLLA
    • surely it's the same as it's always been, just different competitors with a more varied way of promoting themselves.Ianbolton
    • @ian - the media has more influence than ever but yep essentially the same clusterfuckfadein11
    • I've been looking at the latest poll figures ... the Lib Dems really are a lost fucking cause, aren't they?Continuity
    • Corbyn isn't capable of sorting anything out. His team are equally fanciful and incompetent imho, and it pains me to say this being no fan of the tories.dorfsman

    Any UK peeps listening.

  • fadein114

    I missed this, apologies if already posted:

    Alan Moore

    As an anarchist, as someone who believes neither in leaders nor the means by which we select them...…

    • I've huge respect for Alan Moore but that couldn't be any more patronising.Fax_Benson
    • I'm above all of this grubby shit now. But I'm still entitled to be the arbiter of what's moral because my parents were simple folkFax_Benson
    • if you too are a pleb, make sure you don't get duped by the mainstream media - vote Corbyn, as is your duty.Fax_Benson
    • hehe - I like him. A less cynical read of it is Corbyn is/was the choice in a broken system.fadein11
    • the best*fadein11
    • last time I saw him was in town at the Stewart Lee gigGardener
    • so he has even better taste - yes you are northampton aren't you.fadein11
    • that came out wrong - I love Stew Lee and am pleased Alan Moore does also... And remembered you live in same town.fadein11
  • Gardener0

    • More than the Queen, to be fair.set
    • ^lowimpakt
    • in public maybe.robthelad
    • Yeah set, those pheasants don't kill themselves y'know.face_melter
    • can't really abide the concept of a monarchy but the Queen never ever gets these things wrong.Fax_Benson
    • Putting politicians to shame for 65 years.Fax_Benson
    • true that faxfadein11
    • Yep, those scumbags are far more masterful than politicians. I'll give them that.set
    • Queen, William, Harry, one of the other bald ones, the other one that does lots of charity stuff. They're alright. Born into a weird fucking world.Fax_Benson
    • making a better job of it than I would.Fax_Benson
    • The Queen secretly runs the worldyuekit
  • Fax_Benson2

    They want economic collapse so that they can exploit the aftermath. They want societal breakdown because that's their most fertile ground. They actually say it in those two examples.

    That's exploiting the people they say they represent. What am I missing here?

    • But they didn't create the problems. I think you may be going a little tinfoil hat. They want change not collapse - whether you agree the change is good or notfadein11
    • is a different story. You are implying they engineered the last 10 years of austerity, the disaster of Brexit, the failing Tory party. They didn't create thesefadein11
    • they want a socialist future. fine, looks good on paper. Look what they're willing to do to get it. It's in front of you and you can't see it.Fax_Benson
    • issues or have any influence over them. They were in the political wasteland until a lot of disgruntled people noticed what Corbyn was saying.fadein11
    • What have they done to try and get it? Do you mean Corbyn standing at a rally talking sense to a load of people sick of centrist politics?fadein11
    • It's a grassroots movement that has grown way bigger than expected even by them. It's another reaction to people being sick of the same political bullshit. Wefadein11
    • got Corbyn, the US drew the short straw and got Trump. But unfort we also have a side order of Brexit to deal with :)fadein11
    • they don't care how fucked the poor get if it gives them a chance of power. They've admitted it.Fax_Benson
    • the things you downvoted. That's their power strategy. They and you can justify it because it's 'left'Fax_Benson
    • and the Tories are evilFax_Benson
    • (they are pretty evil)Fax_Benson
    • "they don't care how fucked the poor get if it gives them a chance of power" - happy to been shown proof of this pls - no evidence in stuff you posted below.fadein11
    • I don't think you're missing anything apart from a rational understanding of the situation. The government now has an opposition.Ianbolton
    • Corbyn never wanted personal power - study his career. He had to be persuaded to stand as leader and never expected to win. Hence his somewhat lacklustre start.fadein11
    • Let's agree to disagree. I had/have reservations about Corbyn but as time has gone all I am seeing is good. I doubt their aims are what you say though and plsfadein11
    • provide real evidence if it exists.fadein11
    • Look up what Socialism means, also take a look at some "socialist" Scandinavian countries.Chimp
    • i think corbyn is remarkably centrist in his policies. whatever his own beliefs if anything he's preaching multilateralism/ peaceful protest not revolution...kingsteven
    • that'll be the next guy :-|kingsteven
  • lowimpakt1

    Gove's back in.

    What a bag of wank

    • hilarious - like he's going to help repair the damage, he's been toxic in every position he's held.fadein11
    • To keep an eye on him, stop his backroom whispering about leadership elections. Although he got blown the fuck up in the last one, the rubber-faced cunt.face_melter
    • He can't even clap!…microkorg
    • He's like a Jim Henson puppet.face_melter
    • That gif of him clapping is definitely android malfunction wtafset
    • Anyone getting the impression someone's at the helm trying very deliberately to get this whole catastrophic two years of politics to implode? *fingers crossed*detritus
    • I've got a feeling it's
    • taking a break to do what?Fax_Benson
  • SlashPeckham1

    Today we return this country back to the utopian ideals of the early 90s. Free university and housing benefit for under 21s - what a world this will be...

    • dream on. all the money was thrown away at the failing banks and then squirrelled away offshore - gone for ever. stupid fuckers.hans_glib
    • LOLDillinger
    • Yup, that cash slipped out the UK faster than Boris pulls his dripping cock out of his secretary.face_melter
    • We just make more new cash - I do it all the time - join me!SlashPeckham
    • loads of cash available but no the tories won't milk the rich.fadein11
    • Lol take it from the rich and let corrupt governments spend it responsiblyHayoth
    • sorry I meant tax dodgers. lol @ yankydoodledandy mentioning corruption.fadein11
  • set0

    Well almost every single person I came across in real life and online wanted to remain in Europe and we had Brexit, now every single person I've spoken to in real life and witnessed online wants a Labour government... So I guess Tories it is.


    • <OBBTKN
    • You obv only move in Labour circles.fadein11
    • Tories have been ahead by a good stretch throughout the campaign.fadein11
    • Yes, obviously.set
    • Looks like you only hang around with decent humans. You need to diversify your friendship circle, cunt.Chimp
    • Haha, indeed.set
    • lol @ Chimpoey
    • Follow the bookies. They don't like to lose. Most are predicting a Con majority.Morning_star
    • It's a generational thing. Look at the voting splits. Hang around with people 55+ and you'll hear the opposite view.monoboy
    • The bookies got brexit and trump wrong...set
    • If folks bother to turn out this time it could be a game changer. Here's hoping.monoboy
  • Gardener4

  • Fax_Benson0

    don't be fooled by Corbyn. He may talk about a new kind of politics, fair and inclusive, but he's proper old-school socialist. That means the ideology comes before everything else. The reason he has so many skeletons in the closet is because ANYTHING is justifiable if it's seen as ideologically pure. Because that ideology is 'left' - and therefore correct. Mcdonnell , Milne and Fisher are even more hardline. Sadly, 16 year olds and grime artists don't have a clue. And Corbyn couldn't give a shit about them. People like The Canary, Momentum thugs and and the SWP are closer to Corbyn's heart, and they're completely fucking mental.

    They were never in this to get in to number 10. It's all about taking full control of Labour. This is another labour leadership contest.

    • please expand on the skeletonsfadein11
    • The Canary is fake news of the left. What connection does he have with them?
      Interested here not attacking.
    • so, are they worse or better than the Tories - in your professional opinion?Ianbolton
    • How could they possibly be worse? whoever handles Brexit will be voted out next election. I kind of hope the witch is left with the mess. JC doesn't deserve it.fadein11
    • And I am not a big JC disciple but I respect him. He's a decent bloke for a politician.fadein11
    • Good thing that 16 year olds can't vote then.face_melter
    • Try looking up his policies and stop repeating what you read in the media.Chimp
    • I've seen the polices. They're great.Fax_Benson
    • https://s-media-cach…microkorg
  • Bluejam4

  • Bluejam0

    • fucking car crashBluejam
    • lol @ 'outrage'hans_glib
    • Yo, Boris where's the 35 million quid you and your office spunked away on that London garden bridge?face_melter
    • Without a single worthwhile drawing or situation plan being produced.face_melter
    • "Hey all you brownies.. clinky clinky? The darkies understood that didn't they?" Ladies & Gentlemen, our Foreign Secretary.Wolfboy
    • http://cdn.ghostsofd…detritus
    • ^ Fuck me. I'd need an epic amount of liquor to want my lips to touch those lips.Continuity
  • Fax_Benson1
    • Good God.detritus
    • I'm laughing the maniacal laughter of the condemned. There's no way back for a world in which that is a serious articleFax_Benson
    • Watch this...
    • You can hear the let's exploit this cogs whirring. Make a killing. Figuratively and also literally.monoboy
    • Christ, I'd only ever seen the guy on the likes of HIGNFY and thought him simply an extreme archetype caricature. What a cunt.detritus
    • he's a poster boy for the Empire revivalistsFax_Benson
    • The what now?detritus
    • the types who think brexit = empire 2.0 and want to return to imperial preferenceFax_Benson
    • Surely there can only be like 4 of them across the entire country?detritus
    • + 4 million daily mail readers.fadein11
    • I think 4M+ DM readers 'just want their country back' not the Empire that hasn't existed for the bulk of their lives. An easy caricature though, i appreciate.detritus
    • Not saying they're not somewhat delusional, mind you - just that I can't think I've ever met a Brit genuinely hankering after Empire...detritus
    • ...closest I've ever gotten is meeting with colonials, usually Maltese or Gibraltarian, etc, who've all sounded way toffier than most Brits I've known.detritus
    • Rees-Mogg was a speaker at a dinner for loopy Tory fringe the Traditional Britain Group. Could be that they like him more than he likes themFax_Benson
    • He claimed he didn't know their views. I think Godfrey Bloom's involved somehow.Fax_Benson
    • but yeah, still pretty 'niche'Fax_Benson