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  • Maaku

    Do you work in UI/UX? If so, how does your design team/dept. look like?

    I am currently a UX designer doing enterprise software for a commercial real estate company. I don't have a team, there's no design department, I'm by myself and I'm a shared resource among several teams of developers. This is not the first time I found myself in a similar position (within enterprise software) and I was wondering if that is the case with other folks here.

    I'm a one-man department and I hate it. It's burning the shit out of me and I'm not really doing what's best for the users since I can't do everything, all the time, every day.

    I have communicated this to my PM multiple times, but they haven't done anything about it.

  • grafician1

    Worked with a few startups and did everything, from identity to UX and UI and marketing.

    I'm not fond of doing UX stuff, but if you need help with UI wink, wink

    That said, usually a team would be:

    - UX designer
    - UI/Visual designer
    - Researcher
    - UX writer (yeah it's a thing)
    - PM
    - Product Designer
    - Head of Product

    You basically doing all this, all the time. It's A LOT. At least ask for double the pay lol

  • Maaku0

    ^ Thanks for your answer, I had a similar structure in mind. UI/UX is definitely a team effort.

    • But be careful, if you go with a team, you're not calling all the shots anymore and introducing endless meetingsgrafician
    • As I work alone, it was usually just me and the CEO/founder, got things done real fastgrafician
  • grafician0

    Other (random order) advice:

    - bring in outside help, contract based, 3 months, see how things improve - before committing to full time hires
    - don't do wireframes - go directly to prototyping from user flows and designs, then do user testing - not more than 5 people in a group to quickly validate ideas
    - if you get a team, introduce some kind of workflow, Agile or something similar
    - start preparing design system, components, all that
    - think about on-boarding for new hires
    - skip HR and hire directly based on recommendations from other people you know that do the work you need
    - ask Devs what they need in all this, how to improve collaboration if you hire a full team

  • Maaku0

    ^ That's great and I would definitely try that in the right context with my future employer. I decided I will not renew my contract after August. I'm definitely underpaid, I don't get any benefits and I'm not set up for success.

    By the way, they are supposed to launch the product I've been working on since last October by the end of August.

    • Find a new gig first before leaving! It's hard out there these days...grafician
    • But still plenty of UX Designer jobs all around.grafician
    • Stay until after the product is launched, so you can have a case study to show for in your folio.grafician
    • I know things are hard but I rather drive for Amazon or Uber than keep working in this toxic environment. I'll figure it out :)Maaku
    • With enterprise experience, go for Amazon, just saying...Good luck buddy, we're here if you need anything elsegrafician
  • nb2

    I’m a one-man team too.

    Job Title: Sr. UX Designer
    Location: Detroit, MI
    Salary/Income: 190k/year and some company benefits.

    — Jim

    • $190k ?! Mate, you can outsource everything, the same job for like $70-80k in Europe lolgrafician
    • $190k holy feck! as grafician said, that's like a £50k tops job in the UKmicrokorg
    • < I know this is a joke, but not sure about ^Maaku
    • ^Maaku I researched some salaries for that position - no joke!grafician
  • maquito0

    I really enjoyed reading this.