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  • Bluejam0

    • My bessie was the AD on that game. I remember seeing his sketches.monoboy
    • it was a great gameBluejam
  • monoboy3

    1. Governments that handled it as best they could will try to re-build after 6-12 months of massive upheaval and thousands of deaths.

    They'll manage it because the population has trust in them and everyone came together. Sweeping new laws and a re-set of the financial system to one that's more inclusive heralds a new era, with huge investment in R&D and a new renaissance. Hooray!

    2. Those that handle it badly, will see social unrest and a complete collapse in political support as the bodies start to pile higher than other countries. Probably ending in some sort of martial law lockdown until order (and democracy) can be restored. Politics will polarise to extremes. Decades of instability will ensue leading to a full-scale uprising.

    • Also, dinosaurs. It wasn't a meteor was it?monoboy
    • Dinosaur extinction is a lie. Wake up sheeple!deadsperm
    • I fully expect the US to have it worst.monoboy
    • it was COVID-1Bennn
    • If only Trump had managed to build his wall, we couldn't all chipped in and put a lid on it too.monoboy
    • *could'vemonoboy
    • live and learnutopian
    • 3. Some messy middle area across the full spectrum, just as we've been for the last few decades.inteliboy
  • utopian0

    Health care systems and hospitals alike in the United States will collapse by September 2020.

    • and someone will change their tag to dystopianBustySaintClaire
    • soon.gifutopian
    • dystopian died in 2016, utopian is the only possible way to see the future.sted
  • PhanLo0

    Wonder if governments will push for a cashless society after Corona? just before all the shops started closing everything was going card only to cut down on human contact.

    • Only supermarkets are cashless now. The small non-stop shops are still cash. Also is way better to have cash if the system brakes down.grafician
    • they should remove or up the £30 limit on contactless - i can give the correct cash but grossed out by keypads!kingsteven
    • get Revolut or Monero or any digital card - you can set your own limitsgrafician
    • can do that with my bank, works in certain shops but still hard limit in supermarkets for some reason!kingsteven
    • Revolut offers a free contactless cardgrafician
  • SlashPeckham2

    Things to come…

    Bedwyr Williams's ECTH

  • BustySaintClaire3

    With many salons closed, we will soon see an epidemic in bad hair and many failed attempts at do-it-yourself cuts. A new trend may emerge.

    • i got my hair cut just 3 days before it start last week or so, and got them shorter than i do normally. i'am ok till MayBennn
    • i shall surviving suchBennn
    • 5cm long beard and long hair already. Will keep both going forward.grafician
    • I own a hat.nb
    • Covid-19 loves long beardsi_was
    • My big hair is down to my tummy now :) shower is good, clean up is a mess :)helloeatbreathedrive
    • Been cutting my own hair for years. Philips rotating hair clippers and a couple mirrors, easy.shapesalad
    • My wife is asking repeatedly to “just give me a trim”. “Fuck no you’ll look like watermelon cat and we will divorce.”ben_
  • nb1


    By April 1st (i.e. sometime in the next five days): the US will have a higher number of confirmed (reported) cases of COVID-19 than China.

    • Possibly, but we still don't know how accurate China's numbers are.SteveJobs
    • ^ this.Krassy
    • That's why I added "reported"nb
    • And you don't KNOW that China is lying.nb
    • Also, we know in the USA that most people – even those with symptoms who show up at a hospital – are not being tested at this time.nb
    • So we can be certain our numbers aren't accurate, either.nb
    • With testing in NYC, they should already know which borough, which neighborhood, street, stores and shops this came from.robotron3k
    • Not sure that has anything to do with what I'm talking about.nb
    • Regardless, all NYC hospitals are refusing tests to people with mild symptoms. Most of those cases recover on their own, they will likely never be tested.nb
    • What nb said.monospaced
    • Damn, can't believe I said Apr 1st. Could hit this sometime tomorrow...nb
    • Why would anyone assume China is more likely to lie about the total of Corona cases than the US?CyBrainX
    • Because they're China, that's what they do.monospaced
  • SteveJobs0

    1) I predict we will confirm a treatment in the coming days or weeks.

    2) FDA approval procedures will be truncated or bypassed altogether.

    3) Hospitals will begin administering treatment based on supply. 3.A) Meeting the immediate demand will be the next logistical hurdle

    4) There will be federal, state, or city mandated orders that every US citizen will need to be tested and treated where necessary. There will be community-wide zones allocated for these tests to streamline the process.

    5) As these steps are carried out, the gaps between will see tens of thousands of deaths well into late April or early May and then those figures will drop suddenly due to both treatment and the remainder of individuals succumbing to following best practices due to death of loved ones and friends.

    The suggested idea of flattening of the curve will have been implemented but not to anyone's satisfaction - largely due to the country's lack of preparedness for novel pandemics, and citizens not heeding the advice to quarantine and practice social distancing and other measures.

    6) Soap and disinfectant labels will begin to include language on efficacy against bacteria and viruses and sales will continue its trajectory for the next 5+ years.

    7) Social standards will likely see some change. People will be encouraged to refrain from shaking hands or other common social gestures. Companies will update employee handbooks to include safe-guarding measures borrowing from these current best practices. Higher health standards will be established in schools, public places, and retail establishments. Public transportation messaging will caution travelers to follow best practices when traveling internationally. This type of messaging will begin to crop up everywhere.

    8) For a while things will feel very different in the aftermath of all of this. People will gain a new sense of what life means to them. Their personal values will become more clear and they will make better use of the time they have on this earth, because finally, that idea of time has been given context.. but at a very great cost.

    • the treatment / trial was confirmed yesterday was it not? (1-3)kingsteven
    • soap is soap to a certain degree it's effectiveness is what it does on a molecular level rather than what it contains. diminished sales of fancy soap maybe?kingsteven
    • Was it? I thought it was still in trial phase.

      And yes you and I know that but your average consumer probably doesn't.
    • ahh sorry it was india that passed it for treatment, US still pinning its hopes on Gilead unfortunately.kingsteven
    • ^ did a chris columbus... india? yeah sure, it'll do...kingsteven
    • what about factoring in herd immunity?Krassy
  • nb1

    I love how commenters are all instant experts these days. New York's rate of growth of new infections changed and commenters everywhere are like "oh, look at the trend, they reduced new cases in one day they should be able to eliminate it soon!" This of course during a week when the city is basically a ghost town.

    It's one single data point compared against three or four others. But sure, you have it allll figured out for us. Thanks, internet! Thank you, reddit! You should all be Mayor!

    • Can you state that in the form a prediction.SteveJobs
    • ^ lolKrassy
    • Yeah posted in wrong thread.nb
  • utopian1

    The "curve" is going to balloon to unforeseen portions in the USA by mid April. Expect to know multiple people (including loved ones) who have either contracted the virus or died from it.

  • sted1

    Spreading fake news, rumours on Covid-19 -> Jailtime
    Spreading fake news, rumours about Trump -> Jailtime with harvey weinstein

  • monNom4

    China claims to have 'defeated' covid-19 - the 'American virus'. No new cases in official stats for some period. Suddenly, the outbreak re-emerges in China and is blamed on foreign reintroduction, maybe from a regional adversary like Taiwan. China makes the case domestically and to the world that they must secure the homeland by defeating the virus abroad, the same way they did already. Cue regional military action to enforce their 'proven' measures.

    There's a timing aspect with this virus. First in first out. The country that conquers it first will have an advantage over those still locked down in the belly of the curve.

    On the global stage, as China emerges a few months ahead of the rest of the world, it uses its manufacturing clout to deliver international aid in the form of medical equipment and supplies to favoured nations, and limits export to competitors. This shifts global alliances and strengthens China's existing role on the world stage. Belt and road signatories fare much better due to availability of medical supplies from China.

    The US suffers terribly from mass casualties and a devastated economy - many insurers go bankrupt due to the large numbers needing treatment. Lack of public health care leads to much worse outcomes than other industrialized nations. Massive stimulus to industry, and falling tax receipts due to lockdowns lead to unsupportable debt, and the US defaults on debt or experiences rapid inflation as they print their wat out of it. International trade stops being priced in unstable dolllars and starts being priced in the most stable currency at the time. Maybe gold? maybe renminbi? A battered USA must turn to China for aid during the darkest hours and in doing so will need to give up control of economic assets similar to the UK following the second World War.

    The USA eventually recovers, but their position on the world stage, and their ability to project power, is never the same. They become like Great Britain. A once global empire now compelled to follow another country's lead.

    • Your last paragraph will come to pass anyway, but one thing about the US is its ability to mobilise and it 70 odd years of eternal war footing/manufacturin...Nairn
    • I don't trust Trump to lead, but I do 'trust' the MilitaryIndustrialCo... that's been running laps around the rest of the world since long before we were bornNairn
    • I don't put much faith in the MIC. Look a Boeing. Incompetence propped up by guaranteed contracts and regulatory capture. Too big to fail.monNom
    • But yes, all else being equal, the USA military is nothing to triffle with.monNom
    • One thing about an emergency is that it gets the engineers and thinkers back in the loop, rather than bottom-line focused mngnmt, which was Boeing's problemNairn
    • I would read this bookyuekit
  • BustySaintClaire-1

    Terrorist groups (domestic & international) realize they've been using the wrong weapons

    • Nazi's in the US already wanted to weaponise the virus.PhanLo
    • CRISPR genome altering isn't a stretch for anyone with a university education, some basic kit and a spare room.monoboy
    • (Geneticists).monoboy
  • Beeswax0

    I really hope this scenario doesn't become true:

    This is not my prediction, this is from a report that was prepared in 2012 by Germany's Federal Office of Civil Protection and Disaster Asistance Organization

    "It will take 3 years to develop a vaccine and it will hit the world in 3 waves. Whenever the infection curve gets flat governments will loosen the precautions and it will bounce back.
    During this time the virus will mutate and will be able to infect a previously infected person again."

    It's in german and whole detailed scenario starts at page 55. It's unbeliavably accurate so far. They guessed that it will evolve from a food market in China, it will hit the world in march(they missed that by two months.)…

  • utopian1

    Expect massive lines for "soup and bread" in the USA by the end of the summer. And another 10 million unemployed. But no worries...corporations will get additional massive welfare bailouts.

    • I’m worried about Jeff Bezos. He might not have 120+ Billions in the bank by summer but only 110BNBQ00
    • all will be Tip Top.Ramanisky2
    • oooo this is going to be great though just what the republicans have dreamt of, an armed populace rising up against tyrants.
      oh wait...
  • Gardener2

    Live Aid III

  • pablo281

  • srhadden8

    Pornhub buys google

  • Continuity3

    I predict I'll never have sex again, if this continues.

    • If you bought plenty of toilet paper like the rest of us, then you will have no problems.utopian
    • so... you'll just be living up to your name?
    • Now I get the toilet paper hoarding!webazoot
  • Nairn5

    After Germany's helping out France and Italy's worst C-19 cases, 51% of people in Britain appreciate the benefits of Stronger Together and engage parliament to nix Brexit.


    Haha, just kidding - we'll have learnt nothing.