EU refugee crisis

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  • pablo28

    Greek man begs people to stop destroying his home

    Ugly scenes at Hungary's Serbian border as migrants clash with police

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  • Ramanisky21

    • i just saw a photo/article that this family has happily been resettled in germanyautoflavour
  • mekk0

    I have been helping in Munich with the DRK (german red cross) and in my hometown as well. Donated some of my clothes, gave out food and organized a football match with them.

    It was just a weekend for me but impossibly important for them.


    I dare you people to post any of your conspirational, racist, europe goes islam, we cant need them shit here before giving real help.

    • Dare acceptedset
    • good I tried registering here too to be a translator but my languages aren't neededGeorgesIV
  • yurimon0…

    Saudi royals are savages!

  • yurimon1

    • Thank you Saudi Arabia,
      what a great neighbor!
    • Apparently Saudi Arabia has taken in 500,000 Syrians, but they are counted as migrant workers rather than refugeesyuekit
    • It has to do with those countries not signing certain international treaties that deal with refugee statusyuekit
    • The Saudis back the rebels, Iran and Russia back the regime. The UK and US back the Saudis. Saudis closed their borders to stop it spreading. It'sa Clusterfuck.monoboy
  • drgs1

    Syrian military has crumpled and now ISIS is taking over

    EU should have supported Assad from day 1 (like Russia did) instead of fighting him

    • Yup.Continuity
    • This tell you that the U.S. and EU don't actually see ISIS as much of a threat as they are portrayed in media. Assad and Russia are the real threadqoob
    • no shit, but go read the thread from 2 years ago and see how many of the same qbner were pro fsa, so fuckn sadGeorgesIV
    • btw: if it wasn't for putin and his cockblock during that fake use of chemical weapon, siriah would already no more, kerry was so ready to bomb them for peaceGeorgesIV
    • ISIS was and is supported by US, EU and Arabian Royalties from 1st day... trained and armed by them.

      @drgs have you been blinded until now?
  • mg331

    This has serious makings of easy movement into EU countries by ISIS. I know there are many people fleeing that truly want a better life, but you cannot count on that comprising 100% of the refugees.

  • Continuity0

    mg33, I was think of something similar. Surely, surely ISIS saw what was happening, and managed to plant some of their own in there. With the sheer number of people moving, it's so statistically unlikely that they didn't try to take advantage of the situation.

    I'm really not sure any of this will end well for Europe.

  • set-5

    This is just.... um.... weird...…

  • mg332

    One of the bigger problems I'm seeing in this is a wide scale refusal to assimilate within the country they're going to. And it's going to get worse. Look at the areas of Paris that have changed rapidly in the past couple years, where violence is increasing from people who want to impose Islamic law in areas where it has never existed. It's happening in London too - I'm sure some of you can speak in more detail about that.

    Again, there are plenty who want a better life and will do anything to follow societal norms in host countries; they just want some respect for their own religion and way of life. But you're also seeing plenty of people totally refuse to assimilate in any way. Instead, they want to see longstanding customs in host countries change, or they want to purely cause havoc and abuse the generosity of those accepting them.

    Like I said, I really think this is only going to get worse.

    • you would think people who come from hell holes or the asshole of the planet would learn a lesson from their experience of shit going down the crapper fromyurimon
    • their actions and belief systems.yurimon
    • London is the most diverse city on Earth and nothing like the rest of the UK. It's almost a separate country within the UK in a lot of ways.fadein11
    • And its Englishness, where it still exists seems almost fake / theme parkish.fadein11
    • hard to quantify to what extent that's happening currently but it tends to be 2nd, 3rd generation migrants rather than new asylum seekers / refugees.Fax_Benson
    • ..who are more likely to reject assimilationFax_Benson
    • Also, the fact that Muslims statistically have higher birth rates will have a long-term negative impact on native cultures in those 2nd and 3rd generations.Continuity
    • Not good.Continuity
    • "negative impact" - so more brown people are a bad thing? you rather want it to be more white people?mekk
  • ApeRobot1

    • Dumb muslims. they coulda just went around the fence. Squirrel sex.iCanHazQBN
    • A for effort?docpoz
  • Continuity2

    I wonder if there isn't a way to evaluate or quantify level of assimilation, beyond learning the local patois, knowing the local history, as well as knowing its customs and traditions — all of which are used to test eligibility for permanent residency or citizenship in any given country.

    I just don't think it's enough. If it *could* be better quantified or evaluated, then I think a new policy could be shaped around that, which would effectively say:

    Not integrated = shipped back to wherever the fuck they come from within 30 days

    I'd be all in favour of this.

    • I'd just kick out any one caught conspiring and anyone caught committing a crime. just kick em out, send em back.yurimon
    • Christ. Us agreeing twice on one thread page.Continuity
    • why bother letting them in if you're just going to hunt them down with your assimilation police?Fax_Benson
    • Because this needs to be a stipulation of migration. It's absolutely admirable to help those in need, but moving to another country means understand you need toContinuity
    • that society.

      As an immigrant myself (voluntary), I know this very well, and support it.
    • The long and the short of it: my host country absolutely has the right to protect its native culture, regardless of the number of foreigners who come.Continuity
    • Look at what happened in Kosovo. A bunch of Albanians moved in, had 10 kids each and a few generations later declared independence from Serbia.Milan
    • When I saw that Iceland is taking several in, I thought could you imagine a massive amount there, and that culture changing so intensely?mg33
    • Slovakia decided to take some in, too, but they stipulated that they're only taking in the Christians, to mitigate the cultural impact.Continuity
    • this how things go down the shitter, if you cant preserve some of the more positive aspects of your culture.yurimon
  • GeorgesIV-2

    So are we supposed to hate or love them fugees,
    as a pillar of social engineering and assimilation myself,
    I believe the first generation aren't the problem,
    they will try their darnest to give their children a chance,
    off course there will be the usual fuckup who can't let go of antiquated traditions,
    but you will see in a generation or two, those well integrated individuals will have grandchildren that will be even radicalised than previous generation, somehow it's like they're missing the past, even though most of them don't know the struggle their parents went through,
    e.g: france, belgium, israel and so on and so on

    it's the circle of life,

  • GrosDoigts-2

    FYI, most of the refugees come from Syria : 20% of them are fleeing ISIS directly & 80% for other reasons such as brutal violence from Assad.…

    • http://data.unhcr.or…GrosDoigts
    • so much bulls*it. propagandapablo28
    • vox angel investors: Ted Leonsis, Dan Rosensweig, Jeff Weiner, and Brent Jones.pablo28
    • The demonization of al-Assadpablo28
    • even my cat has enough mental cognition to know this articles is total bullshit.pr2
    • anti semite alertgilgamush
    • more like anti-jurnalistic-stu... alert.pr2
    • that's fine, taking a crack at a religion that was neither mentioned or relevant in this context is just bigotry and uncalled forgilgamush
    • Those number come from Agnes Levallois who is a specialist of the arab world.
      Sorry her website is in french.
    • Vox is probably bullshit, shouldn't had link this article.GrosDoigts
    • meh, journalistically the article was fluffed up with a lot of unnecessary dramatization. as far as i am concerned the different factions are all morally bankrugilgamush
    • bankrupt. hamas vs isis, oh boy, it's a rare day when hamas looks like the more reasonable of two parties. anyways, the article did get one thing right, the whogilgamush
    • whole conflict is a proxy war between the saudi princes and amadinejadgilgamush
  • sted1

    everyone is fck'n welcome in hungary, especially who walked half of the continent to get some peace.

  • lowimpakt0

    "assimilation" is such a fucked up word when talking about humans, cultures and societies.

    Thankfully not everyone in Europe thinks like this.

    • not everyone will be thankful of their new home.yurimon
    • Not everyone is thankful of the wars going on around them or the series of foreign invasions that created a perfect storm of regional instability.lowimpakt
    • yes the human tragedy is horrible but its a long term UN political strategy that has its roots in communism. its been successful so far. question if eurp canyurimon
    • strategy to destabilize. same thing in the US, with similar political effects.yurimon
  • Continuity0

    I fail to see how 'assimilation' is a fucked up word, in this context.

    Put another way: you and your woman decide to move to a Muslim country. You get a flat in an expat compound, persist in eating bacon and drinking, and your woman doesn't cover up local stylee. Would you now consider yourself having fit in with your host culture?

    • And you've also haven't learned the local language, and don't plan to. How do you reckon the locals would take to that?Continuity
    • You are trying to argue that Europe should be as intolerant as places like Saudi Arabia or Sudan. Fuck that.lowimpakt
    • I'm trying to argue that every country has a right to defend its native culture.Continuity
    • And there aren't thousands of British people living in Spain or France without being able to have a conversation in Spanish or French?lowimpakt
    • Correct, and as far as I'm concerned, they've no business being there without making some effort to integrate.Continuity
    • im sure there are plenty of fish n chips places in France. dont worry.yurimon
    • Great post continuity.mg33
    • Continuity, can you give me a precise description of the culture you want to defend?lowimpakt
    • The culture that grew up over hundreds — if not thousands of years — shaped by ancient migrations, wars, invasions, self-discovery, arts, literature,Continuity
    • ... ways of life, language, long periods of peace, and homogeny.Continuity
    • what country specifically, where were you born and where do you live now?lowimpakt
    • The long and the short of is that Muslim countries have their own culture, and they're more than welcome to it. It's theirs, and I (nor anyone else) has anyContinuity
    • ... right to go to their country and re-shape their culture. And the same applies to Western countries. If place like Scandinavia, France, Slovakia et al wantContinuity
    • ... to preserve their native cultures, who are you to tell them they can't, exactly?Continuity
    • I was born in Canada, and currently live in Germany.Continuity
    • well saidPonyBoy
    • I agree. You go to someone's house you respect their rules. My house, my rules or fuck off.set
    • Not that I exactly have rules at my house. Don't set fire to the sofa, no shitting on the carpet I guess.set
    • No declaring sharia law at set's house.set
    • It's not. Only those that want to control language promote political correctnessHayoth
    • ^ true, biggest mental poison.yurimon
    • it's a credit to you that you prepared so well before fleeing the horrors of Canada.Fax_Benson
    • Stephen Harper is worth fleeing from.Continuity
  • yurimon-2

    I think this is a great assimilation story.. they picked up on the french rioting and protest skills culture right away, the french are known for this type of protest culture. fact!

    • ahahahaha what do you know about French riot? Let me expect for you, CNN, Fox? they didn't know where're Marseille or Paris on a map. Just PropagandaD4W33D
  • iCanHazQBN1

    This is ISIS's plan all along. To force Muslim refugees to go to Europe, have them reproduce as rapidly as they always do (5-8 kids per mother), and then in a few generations all of Europe will be all Muslim.

    One continent down. A few more to go...

    • lol, except that in 2 generations their offspring will be atheist graphic designers that hang out at starbucks. nothing to worry about palgilgamush
    • this is what i'm seeing too._niko
    • not to be paranoid or anything but they have no way to screen the refugees for ISIS loyalty or anything._niko
    • if you really believe this you are either:
      a: a dumbass, or
      b: someone who enjoys Fox news.
    • Lol gilgamushset
    • I can is right. Look at London. Giglamush has normallacy bias.Hayoth
    • Love most of these comments are based on ridicule. Can't defend an educated position fade?Hayoth
    • What do you mean look at London? I've lived in London most of my life. There's no Muslim 'problem' here...set
    • Well there are districts in London that are predominantly Muslim with people not willing to integrate, i.e. only hang around Muslim people all day.iCanHazQBN
    • how dare they retain their cultural identitygilgamush
    • The same with English in Spain. Big deal...set
  • utopian3

    Thank you Murikkka!

    • thank you utopian for being a good boy with your annual contribution to the war efforts.yurimon
    • freedom fries for everyone!fadein11