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  • Fax_Benson0

    And that fucking hat he sometimes wears. You don't drive a steam train.

    • lolBluejam
    • hahah, was away and didn't shave for a fortnight... just got back and a fella shouted corbyn at me in the street. I like him but come on i'm thirty fucking fivekingsteven
    • was pretty much rocking corbyn's beard and may's hair FFS. she's killed the bowl cut. and your right about the hat, mods are the real losers of the campaignkingsteven
    • lol @ 'killed the bowl cut'.Fax_Benson
    • Personality politics 2017set
    • I vote on who wears the best head gear.Chimp
    • Toss it in the Cor-binyuekit
    • Lol chimpset
    • oh come on, he's allowed a sartorial quip after a page of genuine criticism, which you're free to agree or disagree with otherwise. The hat, otoh, no.detritus
    • if it's personality politics I don't see Corbyn winning an election anytime soon. He is the antithesis of the slick media friendly politician. But surprisinglyfadein11
    • did far better than the competition in that dept over the election. a big surprise.fadein11
  • fruitsalad-2

    London Riots V2 this weekend?…

    "Protesters demanding help for those affected by the Grenfell Tower fire have stormed Kensington and Chelsea Town Hall with a list of demands.

    Between 50 and 60 people broke off from a protest outside to go into the council building.

    One member of the public said people made homeless needed help "right now".

    After meeting survivors near Grenfell Tower, Theresa May announced a £5m fund to pay for emergency supplies, food, clothes and other costs.

    There were angry scenes outside the Clement James Centre, in North Kensington, where the meeting had been held.

    The Press Association reported one woman was crying at the scene saying it was because the prime minister had declined to speak to anyone outside."

    I'm estimating the Chelsea Town Hall will either have 24hr police cordon, or it'll be torched....

    • CALLED IT.detritus
    • How do they arrive at £5m in funds... 120 apartments, average 2.5 peeps per flat, 100 dead = perhaps 200ish needing supportfruitsalad
    • 25k per person to help with "supplies, food, clothes..."fruitsalad
    • at 500 survivors, that's still 10k each.But you can guarantee they won't even see 50% of that fun per person.fruitsalad
    • If Theresa May wants to calm the population, and fix this mess, she ought to take her 5m fund down to those survives and dish out wads of 10k note bundles.fruitsalad
    • But no, as usual it's all hot air, various charities and support bodies etc taking a slice of the pie, until eventually, here you go survivors..fruitsalad
    • ... we've got a school hall for you to sleep in, here's some red cross tents, tints of beans and some used clothes. £5m my arse!fruitsalad
    • And then there'll announce a "full and independent enquiry",they always come on telly singing that old classic.fruitsalad
    • The demonstration at the council building was peaceful. Staff refused to speak to protestors and called the Police. Police then 'kettled' them inside.monoboy
    • The restraint being shown is impressive. I just hope it lasts as it'll be used against them to the fullest at every opportunity.monoboy
    • Just remember, this council gave everyone a rebate of £100 because it has made 'savings' to the tune of £270m through austerity cuts.monoboy
  • Fax_Benson-1

    don't want to bang on about Corbyn but he needs to be out there tonight, asking for calm. May is missing the human emotion software update needed for this. This is his demographic and if anyone can keep things in check, it's him.

    If he sits back and cashes in on the aftermath, then, well....

    I'll shower him with the requisite praise if he does it.

    • maybe that's a bad idea. I don't know. Feels on a knife edge. Don't know if the BBC having cameras in people's faces all day is a bad thing or not.Fax_Benson
  • fruitsalad-2

    one of the protesters signs:

    Trampolines...hmm not sure I'd want to jump from the 12th floor onto a trampoline. or even the 3rd floor... you're going to just bounce really high up again, and then probably onto the ground. suppose I'd chance it if no other option.

    water cannons.. well they had the proper fire hoses. I know the police bought a water canon for protesters, but I think they scrapped/sold if I'm not mistaken.

    Helicopters... again, not seeing how that'd work, what with all the rising intense heat and smoke. A rope from helicopter could perhaps worked in the early stages, but you'd need an extremely skilled pilot to hover steadily above a furious up draft, not to mention avoiding soot getting into the engine etc.

    • what was need was someone to just pay £5k more for the fireproof cladding. Really seems like a tiny additional cost to have saved on when overall spend was £10mfruitsalad
    • I had to mansplain to my partner last night why helicopters would be useless there. I felt like such a dweeb. But I WAS right.detritus
    • I thought the helicopter issue was referring to the media helicopter that was buzzing about & maybe giving people the sense they were going to be rescued by it?lowimpakt
    • wow - has this sign really bothered you?fadein11
  • Fax_Benson1

    May is so far out of her depth it's scary. Like national crisis scary. What a mess we are in.

    • +1 yup, total fucking messdetritus
    • What's most horrifying to me is the laughing that must be going on over in France and Germany. Hesus Kristo.detritus
    • Brexit talks next week.Fax_Benson
    • ha, you got there firstFax_Benson
    • er.. not about The Tower per se, I just mean the whole shitshangles we've put ourselves in.detritus
    • Honestly, as much as it pains me (and unpossible as it is) I'd rather we crawl back into the EU and shut up for a decade.detritus
    • ...then from 2027 get back to destroying it from the inside.detritus
    • we've bollocksed that too. the best way to change / break it from the inside was to threaten to fuck off. we can't even fuck off properly.Fax_Benson
    • we should have pushed for reform while in it. but let's face it we already had the best deal of any country in it at the timefadein11
    • No, the best way to make the EU as It Should Be would be to ally with Poland and none-mediterranean/F... states to allow for tierism across the board.detritus
    • grr...
      "none-mediterranean/ French/ German"
    • And, actually, I think Mediterranean states would consider 'tier-ism'. The EU shiould modularise and consolidate around issues, not absolutes.detritus
    • Because otherwise its a vehicle for German exports, French agricultural subsidies (at the expense of African development) and the rape of the south.detritus
    • But now we're not at the f'ing table.detritus
    • missed your comment, f - yes, we had the best deal. we were almost the best-suited deal makers (through circumstance and projection, not competence). but now?detritus
    • I'd quite like a mass-consensus opposition to the incumbency, for the fractious Cons. bullshit to implode and we somehow go back to the EUdetritus
    • ..but, UNLIKE ALL THE EU STATES WHIO HAD THEIR REFERENDAE overturned, we have a populist projecting positively. And then, change from the inside.detritus
    • Actual democracy, not bullshit idealist projectiondetritus
    • I may be drunk.detritus
    • Well, tiddly.detritus
    • But seriously, fuck the EU.detritus
  • detritus0

    Fate's a funny thing.

    This aside, May might've gotten away with it.



  • Gardener0

    • More than the Queen, to be fair.set
    • ^lowimpakt
    • in public maybe.robthelad
    • Yeah set, those pheasants don't kill themselves y'know.face_melter
    • can't really abide the concept of a monarchy but the Queen never ever gets these things wrong.Fax_Benson
    • Putting politicians to shame for 65 years.Fax_Benson
    • true that faxfadein11
    • Yep, those scumbags are far more masterful than politicians. I'll give them that.set
    • Queen, William, Harry, one of the other bald ones, the other one that does lots of charity stuff. They're alright. Born into a weird fucking world.Fax_Benson
    • making a better job of it than I would.Fax_Benson
    • The Queen secretly runs the worldyuekit
  • lowimpakt0

    • Kate Bush looking a bit rough there.face_melter
    • Sinn Fein - lovely bloke, apparently besties with that hot Welsh stunner Plaid Cymru.Morning_star
    • Lol @ morningfadein11
  • fadein114

    I missed this, apologies if already posted:

    Alan Moore

    As an anarchist, as someone who believes neither in leaders nor the means by which we select them...…

    • I've huge respect for Alan Moore but that couldn't be any more patronising.Fax_Benson
    • I'm above all of this grubby shit now. But I'm still entitled to be the arbiter of what's moral because my parents were simple folkFax_Benson
    • if you too are a pleb, make sure you don't get duped by the mainstream media - vote Corbyn, as is your duty.Fax_Benson
    • hehe - I like him. A less cynical read of it is Corbyn is/was the choice in a broken system.fadein11
    • the best*fadein11
    • last time I saw him was in town at the Stewart Lee gigGardener
    • so he has even better taste - yes you are northampton aren't you.fadein11
    • that came out wrong - I love Stew Lee and am pleased Alan Moore does also... And remembered you live in same town.fadein11
  • Fax_Benson2

    Found this in my funny folder. I suppose we should be thankful. Stephen Crabb!…


    Boris is the boy your mum makes you invite to your house to play even though he always breaks your toys because he's too rough. "Mum," you say. "It's not fair. I don't even like Boris!" Your mum's had enough of it. Boris's mum is in her Thursday salsa 'n' nattering class and she sees first hand the impact Boris's friendlessness has on her. "You're playing with Boris Johnson, and that's the end of it!"

    That afternoon, after school, the two of you sit in silence while Boris – inexplicably wearing shorts even in November, an abundance of hormones making him a good foot taller than you, three times your weight – sits and watches you play Megadrive. "My turn," he says, his sticky hands grabbing at yours. "Mine!"

    He throws Sonic into the Chemical Plant acid three times in one minute and busts you both down to one life. You spent 45 minutes getting here, pirouetting through loop-de-loops, avoiding Robotnik. He has no rings to protect him. His large dumb hands claw at the B button. "You have to jump, Bori—" It's too late. Sonic is impaled on a spike, bounces down to his death.

    Boris turns to you, huge, the dull sheen behind his eyes menacing in its emptiness. "Bimily bomily," he whispers, "Bimbily bob bob."

    • hah, crabb is insane. remember when he resigned from the government for sexting a kid while still calling gay people unholy and running for prime minister.kingsteven
  • kingsteven1

    DUP deal is through, the UK is so fucked. If you hadn't caught on yet... the DUPs entire stance is anti-revolutionary, they utilise every loophole available to them to get their way. They have such support here because they are really fucking good at it... They have and will continue to walk all over the Tories and are totally unaccountable!

    1.5bn! Straight from the magic money tree, fuck those failing public services and hi-rise sprinkler systems, and forget about a Brexit deal: The DUP are engaged in a power sharing arrangement here with Sinn Fein (the 2nd biggest party in the north, 3rd biggest in the republic) that has the ability block any deal (forcing Ireland to withdraw from talks) because DUPs involvement in UK government undermines the peace process and the rights of the majority of citizens here (eg: people that identify as Irish that live in the part of Ireland that's governed by the UK - and who voted against Brexit).

    Things are getting very black and white here, new graffiti all around my area last week and heard gunfire from a 'show of strength' in the neighbouring estate last night... maybe that's just the time of year but there's a definite possibility that shortly after we spend this 1.5bn on roads and the UK leave Europe with no deal there will be a unification referendum for NI and they'll become European roads!

    European roads with giant holes made by British unionist terrorist freedom fighters... :-D FFS.

    • Most obvious and malignant backhander in the history of politics. This will bite them in the arse when the DUP spit their dummy and start with their cuntery.face_melter
    • Meanwhile, watch as there 'aren't enough funds' the next time there's a massive flood or another school is closed because of damp. Fucking bastards.face_melter
    • and the nature of the agreement means the DUP can still throw their toys out the pram on every vote. Tories are fucked now though so every cloud.fadein11
    • If the peace process fails because of this it is going to get extremely ugly. Fuck May.fadein11
    • "spit their dummy and start with their cuntery" *claps* never a truer phrase spoken. It should be on a t-shirt.Morning_star
    • The political classes in Westminster are ignorant of all base realities outside of their very tightly-described perspective bubble. We're fucked.detritus
    • RIP UKdetritus
  • Gardener4

  • Fax_Benson0

    Like lots of English people, I'm embarrassingly ignorant about NI politics but, does this have to be such a bad thing?

    A region that does get overlooked by westminster politics is getting some much needed infrastructure investment. Actual elected NI politicians are going to have at least some influence over Brexit talks and the future of the Irish border issue.

    The DUP sound like total dongbags but they actaully give a fuck about the future of NI, which is more than the Tories do. This shitty deal isn't their doing, they just got what they wanted out of the negotiations. Maybe put Foster on the brexit team?

    • You should learn more about your colonies Fax. What about Canada?oey
    • agree with the first sentence. not sure I understand the second.Fax_Benson
    • it was just a not so funny joke. don't think too much about it.oey
    • peace process plus the anger felt after the tories money tree comments. its fucking tax payers money to prop up a failing govt notfadein11
    • support for NI.fadein11
    • what anger? that the tories used one their stupid catchphrases? or that NI got some cash for important stuff?Fax_Benson
    • you don't want them to have it?Fax_Benson
    • erm - that they said there wasn't more money for the NHS (hence their intentions to sell it off piece by piece) yet magically find 1.5billion to savefadein11
    • shitty Theresa May's ass. Oh come on - you get it. N.Ireland should have that moneey anyway if needed not as part offadein11
    • a deal to save a fucking shit failing govt. if you don;t see it you are in the minority.fadein11
    • NHS etc.fadein11
    • austerity when it suits them. fucking clowns.fadein11
    • that was a lie on the day it came out and people have been angry about it for over a year. nout to do with the DUP deal.Fax_Benson
    • I have friends in N.Ireland and they are v.scared for the future now.fadein11
    • eh? what was a lie? I am talking about the election campaign - nothing to do with a year ago. What are you talking about? The referendum?fadein11
    • you've got your wires crossed badly - that was about the lies that 350m after leaving EU would go into NHS. No not that - nothing to do with that.fadein11
    • http://www.independe…fadein11
    • keep up :)fadein11
    • I agree with all of that and also that the deal, now done, doesn't HAVE to be a catastrophe and at least gets the gvmt investing, however grudginglyFax_Benson
    • let's hope more billions magically appear over the next few months eh.fadein11
    • quite.Fax_Benson
    • The DUP only care about certain parts/people in NIlowimpakt
    • yepfadein11
    • They took advantage of split in the progressive vote and made gains but still only 38% of the vote overall here. It's just scandal after scandal with the DUPkingsteven
    • They frequently exploit rules in place to maintain peace to veto any progressive law, to take anon donations from saudis to pay for leave campaign advertising,kingsteven
    • and to maintain their seats even though they are constantly fucking up fiscally (they just lost 480mil through a miscalculation) and caught taking back-handers.kingsteven
    • and because they killed off the other unionist parties (another move to make sure they maintain first minister position) 38% vote share means 62% hate them.kingsteven
    • oh and also homophobic, sexist, fundamentalist christian dickbags that don't have to account for any other viewpoint because they win seats on sectarian lines.kingsteven
    • nice bunch apart from that though?Fax_Benson
    • @kingsteven - you have just said exactly what a good friend of mine in NI said on hearing the news. Hope things don't get bad.fadein11
  • Fax_Benson1
    • Good God.detritus
    • I'm laughing the maniacal laughter of the condemned. There's no way back for a world in which that is a serious articleFax_Benson
    • Watch this...
    • You can hear the let's exploit this cogs whirring. Make a killing. Figuratively and also literally.monoboy
    • Christ, I'd only ever seen the guy on the likes of HIGNFY and thought him simply an extreme archetype caricature. What a cunt.detritus
    • he's a poster boy for the Empire revivalistsFax_Benson
    • The what now?detritus
    • the types who think brexit = empire 2.0 and want to return to imperial preferenceFax_Benson
    • Surely there can only be like 4 of them across the entire country?detritus
    • + 4 million daily mail readers.fadein11
    • I think 4M+ DM readers 'just want their country back' not the Empire that hasn't existed for the bulk of their lives. An easy caricature though, i appreciate.detritus
    • Not saying they're not somewhat delusional, mind you - just that I can't think I've ever met a Brit genuinely hankering after Empire...detritus
    • ...closest I've ever gotten is meeting with colonials, usually Maltese or Gibraltarian, etc, who've all sounded way toffier than most Brits I've known.detritus
    • Rees-Mogg was a speaker at a dinner for loopy Tory fringe the Traditional Britain Group. Could be that they like him more than he likes themFax_Benson
    • He claimed he didn't know their views. I think Godfrey Bloom's involved somehow.Fax_Benson
    • but yeah, still pretty 'niche'Fax_Benson
  • detritus0
  • Gardener-2

  • Fax_Benson0

    so Corbyn's sacking rebels who defied the whip (remember it being a sign of having principles when Jez did it all those hundreds of times). Now being praised by Farage and Hopkins. Brexit is going to kill Corbynism and maybe the Tories too - there's STILL a remain majority in the Commons even though the two main parties want a hard Brexit.

    Maybe Vince Cable will come riding out of the wreckage on a white donkey.

    • left and right wing nutjobs unitingFax_Benson
    • all the decent people who've been caught up in Corbyn mania are going to get a look at his people and run a mile.Fax_Benson
    • http://www.huffingto…kingsteven
    • ^ 6 fucking months agokingsteven
    • i mean, i see where your coming from on this... but corbyn sacking rebels for some hippy cunt amendment that reads like the preamble to a petition.kingsteven
    • it's all fucking BS. but when they're on record spouting the realities of brexit. that's just a BS political move and good fucking riddance.kingsteven
    • i'm as critical of corbyn, and i can see the hypocrisy of it. but shine a light on any of these cunts.kingsteven
    • my point isn't really about him sacking people but about brexiters attacking Umunna for being a traitor to brexit and corbynites for him being a traitor toFax_Benson
    • Corbyn. A few sackings over an amendment is just the start but it's the brexit position that might burst his bubble.Fax_Benson
    • ..even though it was in the manifesto and hasn't changed in decades.Fax_Benson
    • might be the thing that finally opens people's eyes to all the other shitFax_Benson
    • don't really agree with corbyn's 'the will of the electorate' bit but he's repeated it enough. you think there's corbynites that don't realise he's pro brexit?kingsteven
    • hopkins is an iconoclast ass bag, farage will say anything that'll gain him friends. the tories in general are a morphing anti-idiological imitation of whateverkingsteven
    • party is doing well in the polls last week. they could flip to be pro-remain by monday and still garner the same support. just tribal BS.kingsteven
    • if corbyn sticks to his guns long enough he'll be winning 'lifelong x voters' that's the game. his hardcore - malleable hippy cunts can be won back at any timekingsteven
    • with a soundbitekingsteven
  • set1

  • Fax_Benson0

    I always bury all my incriminating filth in the neighbour's garden a few hours before I go on my paid 6 week holiday in the midst of some personal crisis or other. Common sense.…