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    What's with the soulless models?

  • NBQ004

    • The good stuff comes after half into the video. WTF insaneNBQ00
    • This is like science.wagshaft
    • Can I get the tldr version?HijoDMaite
    • hahahaha fuckin gold!helloeatbreathedrive
    • Just as brutal as the data culled from OkCupid... https://theblog.okcu…robotron3k
    • Stupid incel bullshit. "Hot girls don't like me, they only like chads." *Only wants to date the hot girls he makes fun of*noneck
    • noneck did you even watch the video?NBQ00
    • I watched the bit about pretty girls talking to Chad even though he was an admitted pedo. Which is totally fucked too.noneck
    • But he opened up by talking about how he has everything these women want, except the looks/body.noneck
    • So he's bitter that the pretty girls won't see past his looks, but it doesn't seem like he's willing to do the same.noneck
    • No noneck hes bitter that women only see lookscannonball1978
    • I agree. this is incel-ly bullshit.sarahfailin
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  • NBQ00-2

    • There's a direct correlation between the number of sensational articles on the web to the number of creative writing courses out there.shapesalad
  • NBQ000

    I don't think this speaks for everybody as his success rate is quite low (he did swipe left on a lot though) but it's quite telling anyway.

    "Nearly 4 years of Tinder data as a Male"

    • Thats a lot of swipingdrgs
    • Yup, Tinder (and other dating services) don't want you to ever find the right match but keep swiping, keep swiping. Endless game.NBQ00
    • 4 meetings from 110 matches is sad.freedom
    • Indeed but that's how it is on Tinder. Matches don't automatically mean = meetings. A lot of women just do it for ego and have many other options.NBQ00
    • expectations.sted
    • 2 relationships in 4 years is not bad at all!grafician
    • Unless they lasted only few weeksNBQ00
    • i worry about men who speak so certainly about the behavior and intentions of women.imbecile
    • should have tried Okcupid instead....shapesalad
  • shapesalad0

    • i've read a couple of his books but never seen him speak.Gnash
    • God, can he just shave his head? Jesus.shellie
  • NBQ005

    • If it seems too good to be true, it usually is.PhanLo
    • "you could see he had all this shit I wanted"cannonball1978
    • Both living parasitic lives.PhanLo
    • "Good night my love" lolNBQ00
    • i ain't saying she a gold diggerMilan
    • A YouTube channel, an Instagram influence account and a Tinder trickster account = the new career matrix for 20 somethings in 2020.shapesalad
    • Hedge?utopian
    • one look at this guy and you can conclude he's a complete douche :)renderedred
    • So she flew to meet him places on other girl's dime? This guy just travels and goes to clubs or something?freedom
  • BusterBoy4

    My 72 year old disabled Uncle went on some dating site for older people. Paid a couple of hundred dollars (moronic) and posted a profile. Now this is a man that has zero social skills, has a hunchback, mumbles when he talks, has anger management issues, has difficulty walking, looks scruffy with a long beard. Just an unattractive man. What a catch!

    He didn't get any responses (surprise!) and according to my brother, sent an abusive email to the company demanding to know "where are all the women! I paid for women!".

    Fark me...

  • mekk1

    Tried it for some time, I think the game been played there is just despicable. I am loosely dating a girl on and off for some time now (met offline). We have a great time together. Both found our profiles and would never have swiped right on each other, so yeah, IMO total arse. Just look at all the low effort pics people put on there. Is that how people present themselves? WTF.

    Online dating is still the game of women having basically free choice, everyone showing off a false personality and tricking men into paying services because so much more men are on this sites.

    I Deleted. It really had a negative impact on my positive mood.

    Also, Tinder has privacy issues and a tremendously bad designed app with horrible UX.

    • interesting - a friend is on tinder and asked me whay i thought of her profile. i said it was a poor reflection of her, buthans_glib
    • asked that she show me what other people's profiles were like. and you're right - they're all piss poor photos, out of focus badly exposed etchans_glib
    • so i guess that's the style people see as 'normal'. if i helped her with her profile she'd probably seem suspicious, like some honeytraphans_glib
    • Do you really think it’s so badly designed? Seems like the opposite to me, a case where they came up with a new UX concept that changed the entire industry.yuekit
    • ^ swiping feature is cool and ecouraging but the rest looks total trash. Sliders are barely usable, words break weirdly, settings and personal info have nomekk
    • clear hierarchy. And it is trying super hard to sell me stuff. I already got Premium for a month, now leave me alone with ANOHTER subscription.mekk
    • Maybe changed it for the worse by making people extremely superficial ;), but nonetheless successful.yuekit
    • yeah my main point is my disappointment with the low effort people put in there. I remember OKCupid times when people actually had good profiles and questionsmekk
    • about themselves and you got matches based on their views. This Tinder game is too depressing for me, it makes you think rejection is curable with premiummekk
    • Hmmm yeah that’s interesting. I have seen both incredibly bad profiles and amazing ones (in terms of quality of photography).yuekit
    • I think it may have to do with the score Tinder assigns you behind the scenes based on some unknown factors. Low score = poor quality profiles.yuekit
    • Tinder is better than nothing. Still better than hitting up women on the street or in bars. When you don't know if they're single or even interested in you.NBQ00
    • ^ They'll tell you if you do that in a bar. As long as you're polite and respectful you get a polite and respectful answer back in 99%mekk
    • Too tedious. And at a bar you may only go up to one girl in an evening without looking like a douche that is hitting up all the girls.NBQ00
    • Hm, usually I have a drink or two and look around who responds to eye contact and a little smile here and there before actually approaching a girl. Works goodmekk
    • Tinder is a slice of society, nothing more, nothing less.
      As for the pics, I see a billion snapchat filters. They did a great job making everyone look "better"
    • mekk, The pickup artistMaaku
    • I've tried online dating, but i generally found tinder depressing, vacuously pertaining to the idea that relationships are disposable.Ianbolton
  • freedom-1

    People are good at picking their best 5 or 6 photos from the last 5 years so it's not a great reflection of what they look like on an average day. Sometimes a girl is attractive and has some good straightforward shots but chubby girls are good at cropping which is misleading.

    For the most part I've chatted with girls and then realized they're probably not people that would even really spark my interest if I met them any other way.

    Every kind of person is on there so if you actually match with a normal looking girl, she becomes so much more desirable.

    But there are more attractive people out everywhere. Go to a bar in a nice neighborhood and there will be dozens of attractive women. Are they single? Who knows.

    • The girl you meet at the bar could easily turn out to be crazy or not who she says she is too. At least online you can take your time, get to know them etc.yuekit
    • Anyway do attractive women really sit at the bar waiting for strange random guys to come up to them?yuekit
    • I only made good experiences with Tinder matches that I ended up meeting. Even ones that were a bit weird/ awkward.NBQ00
    • It's not all that bad. People just need to laugh about it and see it with humo too.NBQ00
    • I guess my point was that it's a lot of effort and it's still a gamble if you decide to meet someone.freedom
  • NBQ00-1

    Swiped just for fun in Moscow. Holy mama, insane beauties there. Almost every girl there's a model looking type or instagram model. I know most of them are looking for a loaded guy probably or to become a trophy wife but still.

    • Any matches?freedom
    • Yes. But this time I just did it for fun with no intentions to meet. 2 years ago I matched with a lovely girl from there that I had fun with.NBQ00
    • Yes I believe you can get one of them lovely ladies but you will pay for it...robotron3k
  • NBQ000


    • He seems frustrated because no matches.NBQ00
    • Because he looks like bill bye the science guy_niko
    • 2 minutes in and this guy is psycho 100%renderedred
    • docpoz? lolNBQ00
  • yuekit1

    The Tinder Pro (or whatever it's called) where you can change location and see who liked you is really worth it, especially if you have a job where you can travel.

    Possibly one of the best value for $ propositions of any app :D

    • Wouldn't it show people who liked you as you swipe anyways?freedom
    • Sleeping with people all over the world?freedom
    • Hmmm...yea I guess it might but this way you can see them immediately. Also when you do a boost it shows all the likes.yuekit
    • We want instant gratification & results. And yes it's nice premium feature if you're in a hurry and want get laid asap.NBQ00
    • But are the people who like you attractive?freedom
    • Totally depends of course. Best way is to use the boost feature, that will give you an idea of your prospects in any given place.yuekit
    • yuekit doesn't care about what she looks. He just wants sex finally.NBQ00
    • lol...all I'm saying is it gives you more options. Just trying to be helpful here guys ;)yuekit
  • NBQ000

    • pango, you wanna earn some $$?NBQ00
    • You're the one who wanted to make a babydrgs
    • Oh yeah, I remember now.NBQ00
  • bainbridge-2

    Tinder is the app of the bored and the desperate. Go outside, there are people everywhere.

    • Oh shut up and stop trying to convince yourself you're better than tinder users. You're not.set
    • ^formed
    • what am i supposed to do when i'm pooping if not tinder?sarahfailin
    • Winter in London, you never see a hot girl on a typical day. On way to work - 3rd worlders. office nope, lunch is tourists and students working at pret...shapesalad
    • ... then a pub after work full of shouting extrovert office workers, 90% males, then a rough tube ride home, a lonely walk to your crappy flat. no hot girls.shapesalad
    • Then you go on tinder and it's odd bods and sex worker ads and a few ok but totally overwhelmed with attention profiles.shapesalad
    • Summer in London, you see a few hot girls - mostly air stewardesses there for 24hours and tourists. But at least you see a few.shapesalad
    • Perhaps if London wasn't full of cult members with black cloth over their faces...shapesalad
    • Brighton has hot girls literally everywhere, all year round. And the most pubs per capita anywhere in the world. My home.set
  • NBQ000

    "Tinder for creatives"

    Shapr is the app that helps you ignite connections with like-minded creatives: https://www.itsnicethat.com/arti…

  • set0

    Has to be my best tinder introduction yet

    • lolGnash
    • keeperWeyland
    • *recognizeBK
    • ^ lol, small minded american alert. We use 's' in the UK.set
    • Sorry it comes naturally to behave like a cunt on qbn lol.haven't even been here in a month or two. We use 's' in the UK my darlingset
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  • bainbridge0

    Sometime I see a photo of a transgender (now woman's) face and think "wow, they have nice features or nice eyebrows" and then I realize it's a dude.

    • is there a forwarding button on tinder, maybe you can send those over to omgmoldero
  • omg0

    Noticed a swarm of transgender women recently buzzing about Tinder lately.

    • is that why you took a break from qbn last week?moldero
    • Ewwww, you on Tinder? Gross.fadein11
    • Were you looking for transgender women? You must have the filler for teens gender women... it's ok we don't judge.pango
    • @fab: LOL, Im dead right now.sofakingback